Let us pass our love and warmth together

The Origin

Chairman of the Jiaqi Group, Wu Jingliang, and his wife Li Lihua, worked hard all the time and started from scratch. During the period of entrepreneurship, she experienced hardships and experienced the pains of poverty and illness. However, Chairman Wu Jingliang is engaged in real estate development and construction in Cambodia, providing the best living quality, employment opportunities and stable national life of the Cambodian people. There are still many poor families who are either self-sufficient or unable to self-sufficiency due to natural disasters. Therefore, in view of the success of the business, Chairman Wu Jingliang still does not forget the pains and needs of the disadvantaged groups. Based on the gratitude and feedback, he hopes to establish the Cambodian JL Charity Association through his own efforts to give back to the society. JL International Chuangchuang Real Estate Co., Ltd. adheres to the belief that it is taken from the society and used in society. We hope that the future will continue to carry forward and promote the concept of public welfare and strive to create a better future for the responsibility of the society.

Our Purpose (CEO Speech)

The Association focuses on helping poor people in Cambodia and remote health care. The JL Charitable Association of Cambodia adheres to the tenet of

“Emergency and mutual assistance, assisting in poverty alleviation, medical health, and fraternity”

, and condenses good thoughts to achieve great strength; through material and financial assistance to help people with economic difficulties get out of poverty and achieve a healthy and happy society. We hoped the Cambodian JL Charity Association will help the people who are from overseas become more aware of Cambodian local culture, and also invite those who are kind-hearted to provide appropriate assistance to the Cambodian people who are in need. Moreover, we hope to change the future of Cambodia with the power of love. We believe that every Cambodian people can create a better future for this world. The purpose of the establishment of the Cambodian JL Charity Association it's continuing the goal that is to help the Cambodian people pursue basic happiness. Let's create a society of love and care, your help will be our hope, your life will be better because of your efforts.

JL Cambodia Charity Foundation Organization Chart

Board of Director